The intuitive reporting interface continually updates displays of participation data and other contest status criteria. Reports are easy to view, print, post, or export.

Third-Party Auditor Support

To ensure transparency and accuracy, your third-party auditors are welcome to review source code and system processes.


Affidavit Integration

Required affidavits or acknowledgements are integrated into the solution to ensure seamless organizational compliance for member voting.

Dedicated Member Help Desk

Live support is available 24/7. Members receive immediate response to common customer calls, such as requests to reset PINs.


User Surveys

A targeted customer survey can be built into the close of each election to solicit feedback and gauge member satisfaction.


VALID VOTE/Counting Rules

Choose between Majority, Preferential, Hare-Clarke, Renton, University, Unilang, Yarra, Borda, or your organization's custom tabulation and counting rules.

Members Database and Authentication

Membership Database API

Custom APIs allow seamless integration with your membership database to enable single-sign on for members to access ballots.

PIN Generation

You can use the system to generate and distribute unique and confidential PIN numbers to allow members to login to vote.


Two-factor Authentication

Generates one time tokens for member access that are delivered using SMS, email, or voice services for enhanced security.

Notifications and Reminders

Communication with voting members includes a combination of emails, such as reminders to those who have not yet participated.


Digital Ballot

Fully Customizable

The digital ballot displayed can be customized with your branding. Ballot flow can be  designed and enhanced for you, or matched to your current processes.

Mobile and Tablet-Friendly

Flexibility and a fully responsive design allows members to use their own personal mobile devices or tablets to view contest material and make selections.


Biography and descriptions

Candidate biographies and descriptions, such as historical information, supporting roles, and past project details can be integrated in the ballot.

Photographs and Headshots

High quality photographs or candidate headshots can be embedded in the ballot as part of the contest or candidate description.


Video Integration

Videography features can be used to direct and educate members. Sample video clips can be viewed before or during the selection process.

Audio Integration

Discography features offer the ability to include audio clips to enable members to sample audio as part of the selection criteria for a contest.



To prevent errors, identification and warning messages for incomplete information or required fields display throughout the ballot. If erroneous submission is attempted, a pop-up message displays corrective steps.

Category-based Ballot Styles

Member-specific ballots can be designed based on voting group, organizational structure, expertise, or membership level.


Multi-Language Support

Ballots can be created and presented in multiple languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russia, Spanish, or specific tribal languages and dialects.

Custom Ballot Ruleset

Contests on a ballot can be required or optional. Custom rulesets define the actions to be taken in a specific contest, such as the number of selections allowed.




SAS 70 Type II, TIA-942 Tier 4 Data Centers using RSA 2048-bit keys wrapped in a SHA-2 SSL certificate with AES 128 or 256 encryption ciphers.

SSL TraNsmission

All private contest data is encrypted and transmitted using SSL certificates that employ AES 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit keys.


Guaranteed Up-time

The eLect solution operates under an industry-leading 99.9% uptime for all voting, technologies, and services.

Comprehensive Redundancies

Dual data centers provide redundant services for power, connectivity, data transmission, and backup procedures.


Physically Secured

Data center physical security includes passing through multiple layers of interior and exterior security, identification badges, physical locks, and biometric access requirements.


Two geographically separate data centers are configured for automatic failover in the event of a service incident or natural disaster.



Need Something Unique?

Everyone Counts’ development team can accommodate most unique implementations and feature requests. Contact us to discuss custom solutions that can meet your needs.