The intuitive reporting interface continually updates displays of participation data and other contest status criteria. Reports are easy to view, print, post, or export.

Third-Party Auditor Support

To ensure transparency and accuracy, your third-party auditors are welcome to review source code and system processes.


Affidavit Integration

Required affidavits or acknowledgements are integrated into the solution to ensure seamless organizational compliance for member voting.

Dedicated Member Help Desk

Live support is available 24/7. Members receive immediate response to common customer calls, such as requests to reset PINs.


User Surveys

A targeted customer survey can be built into the close of each election to solicit feedback and gauge member satisfaction.


VALID VOTE/Counting Rules

Choose between Majority, Preferential, Hare-Clarke, Renton, University, Unilang, Yarra, Borda, or your organization's custom tabulation and counting rules.